Saturday, March 1, 2008

Johnson Family

About Clint:

He will be 27 in October.
He is a Summit County Sherrif Deputy and Loves his Job Up there.
He likes to keep himself in shape he lifts weights and does some very interesting stretches and exercise routines, he runs 3 miles in under 18 minutes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week. He enjoy's Hunting, Fishing, Camping and just going Practice Shooting out by Utah Lake so as you can tell he is definately a Man!

About Betsy:

I just turned 23 this month.
I am a Stay at Home Mom and enjoy it very much, being able to watch and help our litlle girl grow and learn. I Love going to Dinner and Movies with my husband and I LOVE shopping. I enjoy doing the vinyl lettering boards For Ex: painting and assembling them together. And I Love spending time with my Mom and Courteney are my Best Friend's we do just about everything together when she is not working or had a long day. I also enjoy going Camping in a R.V., going Fishing, Long Drives to the Mountains and Vacations to the smallest or dumbest places ever.

About Courteney:

She just turned 1 year old on Valentines Day, yes we have us a Love Baby!
She is loving life, She is starting to walk by herself and it is so fun to watch her be so independant, but it sad at the same time. She is our Little Princess and knows it she answers to it anyway, her Dad has been calling her it since the day she was born, She has a Full head of hair and I am always getting compliments on her hair and eyes. She loves her Little Einstein Doll's named Annie and June, her Glow Worm named Gabby and her Fisher Price Purse that sings and has items that you pull in and out. She loves to look and hear us read books to her. She is a very smart little girl, she is our Light and Joy and we are so blessed to have her in our lives.


He is our Family Dog, he just turned 5 last month.
He is a Yorkie mixed with something else but we have no clue what.