Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby Peyton Arrived!!!

Peyton Jo Nakaishi, born November. 11, 2010.
This sweet, sweet Angel took her time coming to this earth. Our good friends Zach and Heidi Nakaishi had to wait for this Princess to get here for 3 or so years. But when she finally came to her Mommy and Daddy she was a blessing in disguise for sure. She is the sweetest, most Beautiful girl and she is extremely spoiled by all who surround her day and night. She was blessed at the beginning of the New Year and will be sure to bring her parents many blessings and much Love as she continues to grow and get stronger. I was so Lucky to have gone to see her at the hospital and am so thankful that I was able to be apart of entrance to this world.

Happy Birthday to Dear Friend.

My friend Calah invited us for the 2nd year in a row to her Fabulous Birthday Dinner and it was so Fun! She likes going to Tucano's down on Orem, it is very similar to Rodizio Grill, at least by the style of food, and the way it is served. Thanks Calah for an Awsome Night!

Matt her Husband and the Birthday Girl. (Calah)

Happy 29th Babe!

My Sweetheart had his 29th Birthday this past October.
I cannot believe that we are getting to our thirties it is just totally weird to think about. I know I still have a few years but still, time flies by so fast and we don't even realize it sometimes. But anyway, this is Clint's birthday with my family the Sunday after Halloween so here are a few kandid moments that were taken...and yes for those of you who don't know how my dad, this is totally how he is all the time!!! And I just LOVE the one of Clint and Court it so Cute!!!

Crafts I have done over the past several months....

I have been obsessed with doing wood projects that have to do with paint, scrapbook paper and material. I have been trying to have a Hobby and to keep busy, and occupied. I have 3 more that I just purchased yesterday, they are Valentines and will be starting to work on them this coming week. I will be sure to post Before and After photos when I start on them.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A few more of the cute kids who came to the Halloween Party...

My friend Nikki's daughter Peyton was a Rock Star with awesome Hair.
And my friend Mariah's daughter was an adorable lamb, and her son Parker was well it's obvious what he was, Woody from Toy Story. All so very Adorable!!!

Halloween Party 2010!

For the past 2 years we have had a Halloween Party at our house usually the weekend before Halloween or in this case the night before Halloween. I totally forgot to take pictures with my camera but my brother-in-law Tyler did get a few, although I feel horrible because we had such a great turn out this year. So they are mainly of my family with a few friends in the backgrounds. We all had a fun night of eating mummy dogs, yummy chicken tacos, salads, and all the junk food you can think of. The adults played games while the kids terrorized the upstairs with toys. Thanks to all who came and brought stuff to share with everyone, if it weren't for my wonderful family and friends it would not had been as Great as it was without all the help that I had. So Thank You! (You all know who you are!)

Happy Halloween!!! (2010)

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! These Pics were taken the night pf Halloween before Clint took Court Trick-or-Treating. They got out before it started to rain to bad, but Courteney did not care she kept telling Clint, "I want to go to more houses and get more Candy!" Clint said that she did Awesome, she walked pretty much the whole way, and seemed to really like it a lot more this year.

I of course stayed home and passed out out the candy at our house. I have gone the past couple of years but not this past year. When I was growing up I did not like to go trick or treating, I mean I would still go, but only to the surrounding circles and streets once I went to where I wanted to go, I would head home and then would finish the night by handing out the candy at my house. So Clint is the designating trick or treat guy.

Pre-School Halloween Party and some very Cute BUGS!!!

It was my turn to carpool the girls the week of their Halloween Party and I am glad it was. I was able to get some really cute pictures of the very sweet Bugs! Courteney goes to school with two other girls in our ward the adorable red head is Kyah Reading and the quiet shy one is Berkley Demetter, Kyah was of course as you can see a Bumblebee, Berkley was a blue Butterfly and Court was a Beautiful Ladybug, now I am sure a few of you are wondering if we planned this and the answer is No. We all had no idea until the week of, what each of them were being. Me and the other two moms take turns driving every three weeks, so it is a very nice break while she is gone at school to get a few things done around the house, shower and be ready by the time she gets dropped off, now that isn't how it is every time but for the most part. Hehe! I just love these girls and it is so fun to hear them chat and giggle away in the back seat on the way there and on the way home. They each have different personalities but they all get along pretty good for the Most part.

A Mommy/Daughter Day...

Like a week before we went and had this day together, we had been at the mall with a girlfriend of mine. Court really wanted to ride the Carousel, but I did not have any cash on me and they don't take debit cards. She also loves to watch the train go around the mall. So the following week I took and surprised her with lunch and rides at the this time she was also very obsessed with watching the movie "How to train your Dragon," so she had to ride on the Dragon of the Carousel. I took her down to play in the Dino land foe a little bit and then we rode the train together she just absolutely LOVED it!!! It was fun for just me and her to spend the day out together instead of on a play date with friends or out with daddy, it was just me and her and a special day!