Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Rodeo with the Olson's...

In July we went to the Rodeo at the Maverick Center with our Friends Derran, Teresa, and their son Chase. I believe it was the Western Stampede Rodeo but I could be mistaken and be totally wrong.
Anyway we were all able to go as families, and it was a Blast to watch the kids reactions to all the different competitions. When Court saw the baby cows being hog tied she would say, "Oh No...he died...?" In such a very worried voice, but when the Cowboys would untie them she would say, "They woke-up and are all better now!" In a very enthused voice. Court and Chase are cute little buddies and love spending time playin, and we enjoy Derran's and Teresa's company as well, we are so Lucky adn blessed to have them be apart of our lives.

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