Sunday, November 28, 2010

WOW, Long Time No BLOG!!!!

It has been so long since I have posted anything but a good excuse.... Our family computer flaked out on us and so I have been using Clint's work laptop when I can which is hardly ever. But hopefully by Christmas I will have one a new one and be able to do an over load on pics since I haven't in a really long time.
So here is what has been going on with our Family....
We put Courteney into Pre-school at the first of September and she just absolutely LOVES IT!!! She has learned and is still learning so much.... She knows the Pledge of Allegiance by hart and all the states from the letter A to I, and those are also all the letters that she has learned up to this point to. She is getting so Big and so-o Smart, she always says and does things that make us all laugh everyday. She keeps asking when we are going ti have a new tiny baby at our house and I just can't seem to give her that answer other than were trying.
I am now an official SCENTSY Consultant and am very Excited about it! So if any of you are wanting to host a party and get free stuff or get discounts, HOST a party it is so easy and simple to do. I have my first party on Tuesday of this week, and to be honest I am a little nervous but excited at the same time.
Clint's department has had so many changes happen in the last month his Sheriff if Summit County was re-elected for another 2 years and Clint was very happy about this...But with him being re-elected meant new changes were coming and they have already. On Tuesday November 16th Clint received an unexpected but interesting phone call from the Under Sheriff from his department asking him if he was interested in moving ti Investigations/Detectives. So after he was off the phone he then relayed the phone call to me and we were so excited together so he attempted for the rest of the week to get together for a quick rundown/little interview but failed the Under Sheriff was either in meetings or had gone home for the day. Plus it didn't help that Clint is working nights. So anyway... we waited for a week and we then got the Exciting phone call the following Monday that we had been waiting for since Clint was unable to get a little interview the Sheriff just made the decision and Offered the position to him, it will go into effect on Dec. 11th! We are so EXCITED for this Huge change that is about to happen to our Family...with this new position he will be switching his shift t o working 10 hour days 4 days a week and will be home on weekends and on every holiday, he will be transferred into a undercover car and be wearing a suit and tie.
Thanksgiving was Really Good this year, we were able to spend the day with each of our Families but the majority of it with my Family because Clint had to work at night. We ate tons of food and played a game that was really fun and made us all laugh pretty hard. I went and did the crazy BLACK FRIDAY shopping with my girlfriend and her family and I was pretty successful for all the items we wanted to get Court for Christmas. We are so excited for Christmas to be spending our 2nd year in our house, and for the first time in 3 years we get to spend it all together as a family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we are so looking forward to it! We hope everyone is good and I hope to post more often and keep on top of it and keep everyone updated.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well everyone another Year has gone and a New Year has begun.
We had a Great Christmas to start off, Courteney got a cute kitchen so she can help me cook and a cute little shoppin cart with lots of food and also a an ironing board with iron so she can help iron as well. She really enjoyed christmas this year our favorite thing this was when she said it was Santa Clause Birthday it made all of us laugh. But we had to tell and help her understand that it is not Santas birthday that it was Jesus's birthday.I got some really pretty earrings from Clint and a new hair straightener and blow dryer, and clint fun stuff for the car to keep in garage. We also had a very Fun New Year we had a few friends and family over we ate and played games all night until the clock struck Midnight. I think we will make it a new tradition for all who would like or want to or don't do anything are more than welcome to come and ring in the New year with us next year for 2011.
Well we hope that this year will find you all well and everything that you hope for it to bring. We Love you all and hope everyone is doin Great!
The Johnson's