Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Mommy/Daughter Day...

Like a week before we went and had this day together, we had been at the mall with a girlfriend of mine. Court really wanted to ride the Carousel, but I did not have any cash on me and they don't take debit cards. She also loves to watch the train go around the mall. So the following week I took and surprised her with lunch and rides at the this time she was also very obsessed with watching the movie "How to train your Dragon," so she had to ride on the Dragon of the Carousel. I took her down to play in the Dino land foe a little bit and then we rode the train together she just absolutely LOVED it!!! It was fun for just me and her to spend the day out together instead of on a play date with friends or out with daddy, it was just me and her and a special day!

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