Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When Clint's Aunt Karen and Cousin Andrew came to town...

Every summer Clint's Aunt Karen, Cousin Andrew and his 2 boys come up from California to stay for a week. So while they were here this past summer (2010) we did a lot in a few days throughout the week. For the 1st day we went to the Living Planet Aquarium and Courteney just Loves the Aquarium, last year I had a friend who asked if me and court wanted to get a season pass for the year. So when I got on to get them they were very reasonably priced so we did! And it has been the greatest thing to have to do with her for play dates with her Best Buddy Landon. So when we heard that Clint's family wanted to go there we were thrilled and set to go she just Loves going and seeing all the different tanks of fish, sea horses, jelly fish, sting rays, and of course her Favorite of anything there the Penguins!!! She could just sit and watch them all day. We have really enjoyed being to go to the Aquarium at any time during the year. It was a Great purchase and will probably be one we do again but our passes don't expire til this April. She had a lott of fun with all her Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. We had fun spending time with extended family.

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