Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Halloween!!! (2010)

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! These Pics were taken the night pf Halloween before Clint took Court Trick-or-Treating. They got out before it started to rain to bad, but Courteney did not care she kept telling Clint, "I want to go to more houses and get more Candy!" Clint said that she did Awesome, she walked pretty much the whole way, and seemed to really like it a lot more this year.

I of course stayed home and passed out out the candy at our house. I have gone the past couple of years but not this past year. When I was growing up I did not like to go trick or treating, I mean I would still go, but only to the surrounding circles and streets once I went to where I wanted to go, I would head home and then would finish the night by handing out the candy at my house. So Clint is the designating trick or treat guy.

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