Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On our 2nd Day we went to the Zoo...

On our 2nd day we went to the Zoo and it was the 1st time for the year, so it was fun to do it with our Family. Clint's Dad has an old friend that he worked with a long time ago that is the head of Security at the Zoo, so if we call ahead with a head count and show up with a plate full of a yummy treats we all get in for FREE! So we have the hook-up, it is Awesome!! We all met up and enjoyed the elephant's tricks/feeding, ooed and awed at the Adorable Baby Zuri! She seriously was so stinkin' Cute!! Courteney loved going to the Zoo with all her cousins playing and running around.
I bought court her Carousel ticket so she could ride it we have never let her do it before, so she really liked it. Also when we were getting close to leaving a few of us rode the Zoo train and it was an Absolute BLAST!!! It was another Johnson fun filled day.

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